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Envisioning, Planning, Coordinating


Managing The Complete Building Lifecycle



J.A. Kennedy Development Company has years of experience envisioning, planning and coordinating real estate development projects through completion in Las Vegas, NV.

The Las Vegas market surely has its idiosyncrasies; however, you should not become hostage to them. As we worked through past development projects, we realized the need for competent help in developing real estate projects in the Las Vegas market, so we launched JA. Kennedy Development Company as a complementing affiliated enterprise.

We understand the marketplace. We’ve developed projects in each of the four Las Vegas jurisdictions:  

Clark County           City of N.  Las Vegas

City of Las Vegas    City of Henderson

This is important in Las Vegas due to the decentralized planning boards in each of the jurisdictions.  We can successfully guide your project through completion no matter where it is located.

Successfully completed development projects in a wide range of property categories:

1.5M sqft Shopping Center

Big Box Retail

Pad Retail Development

Multi-Tenant Retail


Convenience Store

Gas Station

Drive-Thru Establishments

Development Process

The early stage of a project focuses on due diligence, research, and permitting.  It is often the most variable in duration. Some of the common steps in this phase include:

  • Market analysis and feasibility studies
  • Land acquisition or securing option rights to purchase land
  • Environmental assessments
  • Surveys
  • Site plans, development plans, and building plans
  • Permitting
  • Some infrastructure improvements
  • Arranging construction financing

The middle stage involves constructing the improvements.  Common steps in this stage include:

  • Vertical construction
  • Project marketing
  • Drawing on construction financing
  • Pre-leasing
  • Arranging permanent financing (if not done during pre-development)
  • Arranging for the property manager (if not done during pre-development)

The final stage of the development process, operation, is the first stage of the building’s life.  Some activities during the final stage include:

  • Ongoing marketing and leasing
  • Finding a buyer, if not done earlier
  • Determining a hold strategy, if not selling
  • Ramping up property management
  • Achieving stabilization
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Dr. Dhaval Shah

Joe is a leader who leads from the front with wisdom and high ethics. I have built two very successful land development projects under his astute guidance, and I am very appreciative of the J.A. Kennedy team for their complete support in my real estate development journey.