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Church Fundraiser Idea: Christian T-shirts and Sweatshirts

Your Christian fundraiser organization can earn enormous profits by holding a Christian t-shirt and sweatshirt fundraiser.

Luke’s Christian T-shirts wholesales to Christian fundraiser programs run by Churches, Church fundraising groups, ministry groups, youth groups, mission trip groups, Sunday school groups, Christian schools, and any other Christian fundraiser organization. Benefits to you include spreading God’s word, high-quality low-cost shirts, award-winning Christian shirt designs, an easy-to-run Church fundraising idea, and
Earn $6 per shirt. Click here: Church Fundraiser – How It Works to learn more.

Special Offer! Receive free shirts based on the size of your order.
To learn more, click on Church Fundraiser – How It Works now.


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Church Fundraiser Kit
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Let us help meet your Church Fundraiser Goals!

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