Property Management
by J. A. Kennedy Real Estate Company

Efficient and Effective
Portfolio Management …..That’s what we do.


At J.A. Kennedy Real Estate Company, our team of seasoned professionals offers a personalized approach to property management. We strive to build relationships with our clients to exceed expectations. Whether collaborating with the tenants, managing vendors to keep costs down, maintaining the property to maximize curb appeal or meeting the needs of our property owners with timely financial reporting, J. A. Kennedy Real Estate Company understands the importance of its role in each property’s success. We believe in looking at the bigger picture without losing the significance of each piece of the puzzle. Our portfolio management division was developed out of a need to have effective and efficient management of our affiliated entity’s commercial real estate portfolio of retail, office and industrial properties. We manage properties with a sense of ownership because our principals are property owners as well.


Some of the services that we provide for the properties in our portfolio include: